Web services pricesWe offer cost effective solutions, we can offer fixed prices or for larger development projects work within a specified budget. To help our customers understand thier cost somittments we have developed a number of fixed price packages for entry level websites.

Many companies offer quick solutions with ongoing monthly fees. With Devnox (provided that you do not add new features and applications) you pay once for your website. Once your website is up and running you have full control of its content and can change and/or add new content at no extra charge.  If a problem with the web site, which is not as a result of something that a client has done themselves, for instance following a web browser update, we will fix if for free.

We offer free consultation to all new clients either in person or by telephone. During the consultation we will be happy to discuss any of our services in more detail, and provide general advice in respect of our clients new project.

Web Design Packages - prices start from £390

We offer three entry level packages for individuals and companies at a prices of £250., £390 and £870. These packages include everything you need to start a "web presence". We also have fixed prices for additional modules that can be added to any of these packages. Our programmers can adapt any of our websites to the specific requirements of our customers.

Our 'Web Design Packages' are not template designs. All offers website designs are custom made to suit business needs.

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Prices for SEO optimization

Prices for SEO optimization is based on the number and competitiveness of key phrases that the client wishes to optimize its website.

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Expansion of websites and web based applications - fixed prices

We understand that every business is different and often requirements can be more complex. Our specialised developers can create and develop new modules web application according to customer requirements. We are happy to provide fixed prices for all websites that require something different.

Prices for mobile websites

We offer two packages for mobile websites.  We offer a 50%discount on a mobile site when ordered together with a main website.

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