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SEO single setup a website

OnPage SEO
This service is for people who intend to work on your site. In some cases a single SEO setup setting gives very good results over time, provided that you maintain at least a blog with quality articles.

Setting up and formatting. The service includes page setup with the title, description. Formatting text pages h1, h2, h3 ... h6; bold and strong outline of important phrases, saturating the text with keywords.

Social commitmen.t Adding social buttons to share content, connect with social profiles authorship and publisher in Google; microform.

Analysis of the pages. The pages are checked in SEO tools error dump fast working and broken links, optimization of images and other SEO analysis tools.

Content. Content is key to success. Stolen content and low quality text ensures lower results. This service does not include content creation. You can check the current content and give you a specific percentage of uniqueness.

* Note! The price may vary according to the number of web pages.
* Note! Price does not include content creation.

Price: $550.00 / one-time fee

Monthly subscription

The package is suitable for those who want to achieve maximum results and it should be maintained. This is accomplished by working in parelno OnPage & OffPage SEO for the website.

OnPage SEO . Includes all of the steps in the "single package" (see above). Then continue perfecting the content. Monitor if someone copies it (this is a clear sign that the content is quality). Web pages are crafted with the latest innovations.

Selection of keywords . Choosing the right keywords that will work is important. Ranked in Google with the wrong keyword can be a huge waste of time and not bring any positive results.

Blog . A blog is a powerful SEO tool that allows constantly adding content to the site. Quality articles formatted properly help climbing positions, send a signal to the search engines that your site works in the long run.

OffPage SEO. matter quality to work on site, never enough to achieve maximum results.

Social networks. Nowadays, social networks are a powerful tool for achieving results. Regular sharing of content from the web site in different social networks allow people to learn both the existence and for the best published on the website. Maintaining online reputation is crucial for the credibility of the brand. In service includes creating social profiles, maintenance, management comments, contact with customers and fans.

Link building. Perhaps the most important factor for climbing positions in search engines. Although "machines of Google" working on the issue of reducing the importance of links to web pages, this is still a factor. The service includes regularly posting links to other websites that point to you.

SEO tools. Adding website in Webmaster Tool & Analytics and monitoring of the information they provide. This information is important for making good decisions.

Reports. Sending monthly SEO Report on the work done for both OnPage, and the OffPage optimization. Positions of the ranking of a website in Google.

* Note! The price may vary according to the number of keywords.

Price: $900.00 / one-time fee

SEO Audit

If you want to know where the weak spots on the website, the SEO audit will be your navigator that helps you to improve it.

SEO Audit includes a comprehensive analysis of the web site and recommendations for their elimination.

Content. Checking the contents of uniqueness. Way of formatting text.

Links. analysis of working and non-working links.

Titles and descriptions. analysis of titles and descriptions of web pages.

Blocked pages. analysis pages for blocking search spiders.

Useless pages. analysis of the usefulness of the pages.

Tricks. analysis smap or illegal activities implemented by other people.

External links. analysis broken and faulty external links.

Validation code. Verification validation code for errors and warnings.

Other analyzes and checks.

Price: $250.00 / one-time fee