The Devnox CMS is well optimised for all major search engines. The easy to use system is designed with the user in mind.  It can incorporate multiple levels of access for multiple users with different authorities. The system is flexible and can be used to change and update all aspects of your website. The system can be upgraded and updated at anytime with additional fully integrated modules to enhance the features on your website.  Changes to the Content Management System can be made quickly and seamlessly directly into the live system.

Advantages of Devnox CMS


After the creation and integration of the modules chosen at the beginning of the project, the system retains its flexibility. New modules can be added or upgraded at any time. Changes can be implemented by our programmers quickly to suite your timescales and requirements.

SEO Optimisation

Devnox CMS is built with easy to use functions used to control On Page website optimisation. These include: Output fields to complete Title and Description; Headings and other options for formatting text, images, and links are automatically tagged to optimise your page.

Easy to control

The system allows the addition of new pages, main categories and subcategories without requiring programming skills or special knowledge. Everything is done in a very easy way. Text formatting is done via an icon banner within a text editing box which will be familiar to all users of word processing software.  Formatting Options can be switched on or off individually for specific users in order that the design of the website is not compromised by different users using different fonts and styles.


Devnox CMS is extremely fast to use. New pages and editing updates can be published on the website with just one click. Pages load quickly, without the inconvenience of waiting or blocking.