Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which the overall ranking of your web pages are enhanced and the frequency with which your site appears in search results increased.

As part of our Design & Build Service, we automatically optimise websites for search engines.

We can also provide ongoing continuous optimisation to ensure that your website continues to deliver results.

Many factors will influence the position of your website, including the use of keywords both within the HTML code as Tags and also the frequency with which those keywords appear in content of your website.  Increasing the number of inbound links from other well ranked websites will also enhance your sites ranking.

Black Hat vs White Hat

SEO techniques fall into two categories know in the industry as Black Hat and White Hat techniques.  Black Hat techniques are those that are not approved by Search Engines.  Black Hat techniques can be effective in the short term, but we do not advise them.  The major search engines and especially Google act to reduce the influence of Black Hat techniques and will if they deem your site to be artificially improving its ranking penalise your site by reducing its ranking or eliminating them from their listings altogether.

At Devnox, we only employ “White Hat” techniques and we can work with you to improve the keyword density of your content as well as other recognised techniques to improve your page ranking.

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation is always wise when creating a new site, it may not however be the most effective form of marketing for existing sites and it should always be considered along with other forms of advertising which may be more appropriate to your business, such as pay per click advertising, social media sites and email marketing.

Please get in touch if you would like us to advise you on any aspects of internet marketing or Search Engine Optimisation.

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