Suitable websites for smartphones and tablets

With the advent of Smart Phones, tablets and other mobile devices the number of people accessing  the internet via such devices is on the increase. 

Mobile Device and Tablet sales have now overtaken sales of pcs and laptops. We can advice you on creating a mobile site for you that operates seamlessly with your conventional website.

Some industry experts are now saying that you should consider your mobile website before you consider your conventional website. We believe that you should consider them together, either as a single website easily readable on all operating systems or as a single database with two user interfaces driven from one content management system.

The Devnox Content Management System is designed so that you can display the same content in both your mobile website and your conventional website, this can be displayed differently on your mobile website than your conventional website, providing the most user friendly interface for each device.

For online shopping and ecommerce sites, we would recommend that you have a separate interface tailored to the smaller screens and reduced functionality of mobile operating systems.  For other websites, it is a matter for thought and consideration.  We are happy to advise on the implications to help you reach a decision.

If you would like help or advice on creating a mobile website or making your existing website more mobile friendly then please use the contact form to ask us for more information.